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Terms of 100% satisfaction guarantee

Under the 100% satisfaction guarantee (the “Guarantee”), customers are eligible for a refund or credit if they report a qualifying order issue. To qualify for a refund or credit under the Guarantee, the customer must: 

  • Place an order through the Instacart platform for which the 100% satisfaction guarantee text appears on the checkout screen; and
  • Report one of the order issues identified below within one week of delivery

Customers are eligible for a refund or credit towards a future order up to the amount the customer paid for the item for the following order issues:

  • Missing item - a customer was charged for an item, but the item wasn’t included in the items delivered to the customer.  
  • Damaged item - an item arrived broken or in an unusable condition.     
  • Poor quality replacement - the shopper delivered an inadequate replacement item which the customer didn't specifically approve through the Instacart platform.

Instacart may issue a partial refund or credit for that item if only a portion of an item is missing or damaged. This offer is non-transferable.

Customers are eligible for a refund or credit towards a future order of up to the total amount of any fees paid by the customer for the order for any of the following order issues— 

  • Late arrival - the order arrives after the end of the scheduled delivery or pickup window.
  • Unprofessional service - the individual(s) responsible for shopping for the items and/or delivering the items engage in inappropriate conduct during the shopping or delivery process.

Instacart shall have the sole discretion to— 

  • Determine if the reported issue qualifies as an order issue;
  • Decide whether to issue a refund or a credit towards a future order;
  • Determine the amount of such refund or credit;  
  • Determine if any evidence must be provided to substantiate the order issue; and/or 
  • Require the customer to return item(s) to the retailer in order to get a refund or credit.

Refunds and credits will only be issued on orders placed using a valid payment via the Instacart platform. Instacart shall not be required to issue a refund or credits with respect to any items purchased using coupons or other promotional credits. Any credit issued shall be subject to the Instacart credit terms and may expire. Instacart may deny any request or revoke a credit if we suspect fraud or abuse, or if we determine the customer directly or indirectly caused the order issue. Instacart reserves the right to modify or cancel the Guarantee at any time.