Want to send a gift through Instacart? Care Carts make it easier than ever. Enter the recipient's address to find a store near them and build your cart as usual. When you’re ready to check out, select Make it a gift and enter the recipient’s address. You also have the option to enter their name, phone number, and a gift message.

Be sure to enter their most up-to-date contact information. If you provide the recipient’s phone number, we’ll send them a text message with your name to schedule the delivery.

Please note: If you send a gift order containing alcohol, the recipient must show a valid ID during delivery. Shoppers can’t leave these orders unattended.

For more information about ordering on Instacart, please visit How to place an order


Receiving an Instacart order as a gift

If you’re receiving a gift through Instacart and the sender provides Instacart with your phone number, we’ll send you a text message with delivery details and a link to schedule your incoming gift.

You can reschedule the order through the link in the text message.

If we don’t hear from you two days after sending the text message or the sender didn’t provide your phone number, we’ll schedule the delivery according to the sender’s directions.

If you have trouble making changes, please reach out to Instacart Care—

  1. Call Instacart Care at 1.888.246.7822
  2. Tell the agent you’re reaching out about an order sent as a gift
  3. Give them the order ID from the link you received through text message.

Please note: If your gift contains alcohol, you must show a valid ID at delivery.